Progenix Labs – Episode 16: Project Renatus, Part 2

Progenix Labs-high res

The finale!  This is it, folks!

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When we started this podcast, I had no idea we’d get as many listeners as we have. I also never anticipated just how much work it would take to produce this. Thank you so very much for your patience as well as your continued support of the show! It means the world to know all the hard work of our voice actors and putting this whole thing together is worth it.

The big moment has arrived. It is the official celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The Founding! Ms. Hartman is live across the globe to reveal all that Progenix has accomplished. How will the ceremony turn out? What will happen to Jeremiah? To Belatrix? To Ms. Hartman? Tune in and find out.

Tune in next time for the second half of our grand finale!

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