Back From the Brink: News and Announcements

To all of our fans (alive and undead alike), I want to first and foremost thank you. Four years ago, Shadowvane was a small idea that started out as a single written scene that eventually sparked something far larger than could have ever been expected. To date, the show has surpassed 130,000 downloads/plays, which is a number that I can’t even fathom. Taking into account the recent gap in new releases, it astounds me to see that people are still finding the show and listening. For that, thank you.

Speaking of our hiatus, there’s really not a lot I can say. We hit some unexpected snags with our current story 1692: The Risen. It would be easy to blame others, circumstances, and a hectic work schedule, but what it boils down to is I should have done more to keep the story and podcast going. We dropped the ball, and we paid for it in a number of ways.

Despite the break, I’m writing to tell you that we don’t plan to simply pod fade like so many other shows before us. I have spoken to each of the actors involved in our current story, and they have all graciously accepted to return and finish this supernatural re-imagining of the Salem Witch Trials. This means that you will be getting the second half of the story on our podcast feed very, very soon.

Before our break, the scripts for Episodes 5 and 6 went out to the voice actors, and we are proud to announce that Episode 5 of 1692: The Risen is scheduled to release on Wednesday, August 1st. Episode 6 will follow later that same month.

On top of finishing our current story, I have been hard at work doing the writing for our 3rd original story. The hope is to have enough episodes written so that casting can begin. Without giving too much away, our 3rd story will be a bit of a departure for the storytelling that we’ve done thus far. The cast will be much smaller, and the story itself is going to explore themes that we have yet to focus on. You can expect the same horror/suspense genre feel, and we’ll have more information for you in the coming months.

In closing, I just want to once again thank each and every one of you reading this. Shadowvane is a passion project, and it’s come with a high learning curve and many, many hours of struggling to write, revise, direct, and produce. I hope you’ll stick with us going forward, and we hope to win back your listenership.

Best regards,
Andrew Lister
The Shadowvane Podcast


7 thoughts on “Back From the Brink: News and Announcements

  1. Very glad to hear this! I’m definitely still interested in auditioning so please do include me in the emails when you get ready to start season 3 casting. You’ve been missed!


  2. Queens of the Damned has only been around for a year and a half, and we’ve learned just how hard podcasting is. But with all your experience and your great number of listeners, I’m sure you’ll be able to bounce back in no time at all!


    • Thank you! Also, if you’re still recording and looking to expand your audience, we also run a podcast network where we’re trying to promote one another’s work. If you are interested in info, we’re looking for more horror themed shows. E-mail if you wanted to chat about it!


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