How to Contribute

Interested in helping out with the podcast?  There are several ways that you can help out.

Voice Acting:

Shadowvane is in need of several voice actors for our shows.  Casting for our first set of episodes, Progenix Labs, will run until August 31st.

Following are the specifics about voice acting expectations:

How many roles are available?

  • There are a number of both major and minor roles available.  Our current story has a total of four major parts and several minor ones.

What sort of experience do I need?

  • We’re open to anyone trying out to be one of our voice actors.  While experience might help you out, it is not necessary.

How many episodes would I need to do?

  • The first story will run for a total of approximately 12 episodes.  Some characters will be used throughout several episodes.  Not all of the episodes will be finalized at the time of casting, so you may need to do more than one set of recordings.  If you are cast to play one of the main characters, you will be expected to work throughout the entire series.

Is there any pay?

  • This project is a free-to-listen podcast, so I cannot offer any monetary compensation.  You will receive recognition on our website as well as on each episode in which you appear.

If I am cast, when do I need to have my recordings finished?

  • We are aiming to release the first episode by late September.  If you are chosen, we will provide the specifics on when and how to send in your recorded work.

How do I formally apply to become a voice actor?

  • Please send an email to with the following:
    • Your name and a bit about yourself.
    • A brief summary of your acting work.
    • Explain what drew you toward this project.
    • Provide a sample of your work.  This can be a link to or a directly sent file of a former project.  If you don’t have anything to send, please record a bit of dialogue for evaluation.  Please provide the name and author of the written work that you will be reading.


Show Writer:

The first story is currently being written by Andrew Lister with the help of a few others.  However, we are already looking toward our future stories.  If you have a good idea for a series, please send the following to

  • Your name and a bit about yourself.
  • Give me an elevator pitch of your story in 500 words or under.  Sell me on your story.  Tell me about the setting, tone, and characters.  Give a general synopsis of how it will play out as well as how many episodes the series would span.
  • Let us know if you are willing to do the writing yourself or are only submitting an idea for us to run with.


If you have any additional questions or ideas, please contact the show by e-mailing


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