About the Show

Shadowvane is a storytelling podcast of a similar format to the old radio dramas of the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s.  Think of the classic War of the Worlds broadcasts from 1938 or more modern podcasting examples like Welcome to Night Vale or Sayer.  Unlike these amazing podcasts, Shadowvane is not the namesake of a single, continuous story.  Our podcast will feature several shorter story arcs that explore different characters, settings, and themes.

About the Creators:


Andrew Lister
Producer and Writer

Andrew Lister is a full-time high school teacher and college professor in love with the written word, storytelling, and podcasting.  He is one of the voices of The Rundown Wrestling Podcast and the author of a recent chapbook of poetry, Chasing Distant Horizons.

When not stressing about teaching, grading, or dealing with high schoolers, Andrew loves to write.  It doesn’t matter if it’s poetry, prose, or a tabletop RPG scenario.  So long as he can have time to create, he’s happy.

Ray Williams III

Illustration and Creative Editing

About the Voice Actors:

Emily Morgan
Progenix Labs:  Ms. Yvette Hartman

Although she chose to follow another career path, Emily found that she couldn’t escape her love for stories and theater. So she decided to pursue some light acting as a side quest to feed her inner drama llama. The best way to reach her is on Twitter @TheCraftyDM.

Adam Salzer
Progenix Labs:  
Jeremiah Roberts

Adam is a wrestling nerd with his own podcast, The Rundown Wrestling Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. He enjoys wind surfing, skydiving, and lying about his hobbies.

Curtis Jackson
Progenix Labs:  
Elijah Watson

Bryan Nash
Progenix Labs:  Belatrix


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